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Being nominated the “Capital of Culture in Islamic World in 2021”, Doha is going to host various events during this year. The events will be launched within the Islamic Culture Capitals Program, which reflects the enlightened civilized vision of the mutual Islamic cultural work.

As a result of Doha’s long history and legacy together with the numerous cultural characteristics and Islamic landmarks in the State of Qatar, the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization “ISESCO” has granted Doha to host this event.

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Heritage and Culture
A land rich in culture and heritage
The history of Qatar goes back to nearly four thousand years BC, according to archaeological evidence, excavations, inscriptions and scarce potteries found in various areas of the country.
Today, there is concerted effort exerted to promote and celebrate the culture and heritage of the country. This is not simply an exercise in creating tourist attractions, but a heartfelt desire by Qataris to reconnect with their past.
For example, the old souks, which had fallen under disrepair, have been renovated and once again are bustling markets full of vitality. Traditional buildings have been renovated, including mosques in the heart of Doha. Qataris are setting up businesses promoting the old crafts and traditions. Historic sites, libraries, magnificent collections of Arabic writings, calligraphy and art are all being made available for research and public appreciation through the efforts of Qatar Foundation (QF), Qatar Museums (QM) and the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

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